A Full Diabetic Product Line for a Greater Choice!


Since 2004 MHC Medical Products® has been manufacturing high quality medical products for the retail pharmacy and the consumer market. We enjoyed great success with our first two lines of products, ColorSafe® Vials and EasyTouch™ Syringes. This success continued when we expanded our insulin syringe line in early 2006 to include Safety Syringes and Pen Needles.

Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest levels of quality, but at a much more affordable cost to the wholesale market than comparable premium brands.

easytouch group product shot

U-100 Insulin Syringes

EasyTouch Insulin U-100 Syringes

Pen Needles

EasyTouch Pen Needles

Glucose Monitoring System

EasyTouch Glucose Monitoring System

Lancing Device w/ Ejector

EasyTouch Lancing Device w/ Ejector

Twist Lancets

EasyTouch Twist Lancets

Pressure Activated Safety Lancets

EasyTouch Pressure Activated Safety Lancets

Button Activated Safety Lancets

EasyTouch Button Activated Safety Lancets

Alcohol Prep Pads

EasyTouch Alcohol Prep Pads